2019 365 Fly Tying Challenge Day 7: Hippie Chick Midge



To conclude Winter Confidence fly week, I end with Tim Flagler's Hippie Chick Midge. This pattern was created to to give trout their choice of hot spots, blending 4 different fluorescent threads together into the body, and it's quite ingenious. If you are familiar with european nymphing, you are well informed about the effectiveness of hot spots on flies. This combines four different colors to offer a buffet of strike triggers. 


Recipe as tied:

Hook: TMC 2499spbl size 18
Bead: Miyuki Delica 11/0 Silver Lined Glass Bead
Thread: any, it will get covered up. Danville 8/0 is fine. 
Body: Twisted UTC 70 Peacock Blue, Flouro Fire Orange, Flouro Chartreuse, and Flouro Pink, about 1' each. 
Thorax: Custom spiky squirrel/hare's ear dubbing. SLF Spiky Squirrel or any natural fur will work. 
Wing Bud: Polypro White Yarn

Tying Notes: This fly can be tied in sizes 18-24. Tim originally tied his pattern with a vertical wing bud, but I chose to angle it rearwards like found on a $3 Dip. The original pattern also used brown natural beaver dubbing. I don't think either variation matter, it's just downright effective. 

You can watch Tim Flagler's fly tying tutorial for this pattern below. 

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