2019 365 Fly Tying Challenge Day 6: Patty Cakes Midge



Continuing with Winter Confidence Fly week is the Patty Cakes Midge, designed by Patrick Fulkrod, and as seen in Landon Mayer's new book The Hunt For Giant Trout. Patrick is the owner operator of South Holston River Company, where he has guided. The Soho is well known for being one of the premier tailwater fisheries in the east, so the pressure to consistently put fish in the net is constant. If Patrick has confidence in this midge, you should too!

Recipe as tied:

Hook: TMC 100 Size 18
Bead: 2mm copper tungsten bead 
Thread: Veevus 14/0 B07 (rusty dun color)
Rib: Small Olive Ultra Wire
Flash: Krystal Flash
UV Resin: Solarez Bone Dry


Tying Notes: This simple thread midge can be tied in sizes 18-24 and was originally tied on a Tiemco 9300. You can also substitute a black nickel bead. Both versions perform well. The key to this fly is the thread color being a rusty dun color against the contrast of the olive wire. If you can't find Veevus 14/0, Uni 8/0 in Rusty Dun is a good alternative. While I used any krystal flash, it was originally tied with Krystal Midge Flash in Peacock, cut at the 3rd flash point. 

South Holston River Company
The Hunt for Giant Trout


John Barnes :

Interested in purchasing some of your Party Cake Midges.

Apr 08, 2019

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