Thread Body Baron Nymph

This is my variation on Loren William's classic euro nymph- the Baron which used turkey biots for the body. It was my best producing fly over two years in early spring, but as the season progressed- it was too large. That lead me to try a thread body version to tie it in smaller sizes, so I can fish it year round. 

A great dropper nymph any time, any place- because there are ALWAYS small mayflies in the drift. 

Available in two body colors- olive and brown. Olive shown. 

****The tailing material I typically use on this fly is lemon barred woodduck- but because of state regulations and the fact many hunters aren't supplying vendors- I will be using various other barred natural materials as availability changes. Substitutions such as- Coq De Leon, Mallard, or Gadwall feathers will be substituted. Gadwall feathers shown here.