Prime Fly Company Blue/White Round Decal
This is the Prime Fly Company 3x3 round decal with matte finish. 

This isn't just an ordinary fly fishing sticker. 100% of all profits from the sale of these decals will be donated to help fight canine cancer through donations to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. I enjoy fly fishing, but I love my dogs more. Here is the story of how we got here. 

Dear Friends,

I'm raising money for The National Canine Cancer Foundation. Their mission is to eliminate cancer as a major health problem in dogs through education, outreach and research to save lives through prevention, finding cures, better treatments, more accurate cost effective diagnostic methods in dealing with cancer and diminishing dogs suffering from cancer. For more information about this organization, check out there website: National Canine Cancer Foundation

My best friend in this world, Blaze, a handsome Wirehaired Pointing Griffon was was a victim to this awesome epidemic at the age of 8, young for the breed. I worked for 9 years as a Nutrition & Wellness Specialist in the pet industry and it was my mission to help pet parents ensure the health and happiness of their pets. Blaze was fed good, wholesome live food and additional supplements, but it can only go so far. At the end, after the diagnosis I was left without much choice. One one hand, I could spend over $10,000 to treat him with damaging chemotherapy and radiation for a possible few months remission, all the while watching his quality of life diminish only to be faced without a solution after the brief reprieve, or I could face the gut wrenching decision to say goodbye forever.

I spent the weekend following this diagnosis doing everything my buddy loved. We played with every toy, and we went hiking to all of his favorite places. I did everything I could do to make him happy, all the while thinking about the tough choices ahead. Sadly, only 3 days after diagnosis, his body started to shut down, and I had him put down in my arms. It is a sadness I will never forget. I've cried nearly every day since, in the beginning sad over him passing too soon, now almost 6 months later, sad because of the guilt and anger of not having a better option.