Owner 5111 SSW Hook
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The 5111 SSW Up-Eye is THEE hook for all stinger loop flies. This is one of the best off-set style hooks on the market. Fitting perfectly in a stinger loop, the 5111 SSW is the hook-of-choice for big salmon and steelhead flies.  Because this hook is not limited to the the large size range, it can also be used for trout and big game as a trailing hook in a streamer. 

5111-101  size 1 9pk
5111-111 size 1/0 8pk
5111-121 size 2/0 8pk
5111-131 size 3/0 7pk
5111-141 size 4/0 6pk
5111-151 size 5/0 5pk
5111-161 size 6/0 4pk