Lemon Lime Megalolipop
Priced per 6 Flies. In stock, will ship next day. 

This particular recipe was created by Florida fly tyer Nick Davis. It's a great fly for Florida, but also anywhere tarpon are found. The Megalolipop is tied with two of my favorite natural tying materials- rabbit zonker strips and arctic fox. Finished with Loon UV for maximum durability. This fly can be tied in any number of sizes  but 1/0 and a 2 seems to be the sweet spot. Go bigger for larger tarpon, go smaller for laid up tarpon or baby tarpon. 

I have no doubt this fly will catch snook, peacock bass, largemouth bass....pretty much anything that eats a baitfish fly. 

These flies are tied on 3/0 Owner Aki Special Saltwater hooks with medium beadchain.