Wooly Bugger Six Pack Special Offer


We love the Woolly bugger.  It's simply one of the top flies out there.  They imitate baitfish, they imitate leaches.  They can cause reaction strikes from some of the largest fish in the system.  Our Woolly buggers are tied by expert tiers on quality hooks and have a solid bead to help get your fly into the strike zone.  No matter where you are fishing, Woolly Buggers should be in your fly box.  We have an opportunity for a limited time to pick up some great flies for an incredible price, and check out our small family business.  I guarantee, you will want to come back and check out more of our gear in the future.  

Woolly Bugger Six Pack:


  • 3 Bead Head Woolly Buggers in Size 4
  • 3 Bead Head Woolly Buggers in Size 6
  • Choose Your Color, but you will want to pick up all three colors!
  • Will catch fish just about anywhere they swim.
  • One of the most effective fly patterns period.
  • Remember, this is shipped to your door!