Walts Worm Six Pack Special Offer
The Walts Worm is a foundational euro nymphing fly pattern that probably catches more trout than any other single euro nymph. Tied on competition grade barbless jig hooks and paired with a tungsten bead, this should become one of your go to flies while on the water. If you are struggling, tie this fly on and things usually turn around. 

Walts Worm Six Pack: 

  • 3 Tungsten Bead Walts Worm Regular size 14
  • 3 Tungsten Bead Sexy Walts Worm (photo) size 14
  • Choose your free color, but you'll want to have all three colors in your flybox!
  • Will catch picky wild brown trout or stocked rainbows
  • Remember, this is shipped to your door! Winter is coming- stay in by the fire.