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Shop Update: More Fly Patterns, Less Money!

New Flies, New Pricing

I’ve added nearly a dozen fly pattern options this week to the store, and have dozens more planned for the near future. I’m working to fill out my selection of euro nymphs, standard trout nymphs, and midges for a big December update.

Midge patterns will include black beauty, manhattan midge, disco midge, musky midge, mercury blood midge, top secret midge, matt’s midge, rs2’s, and many more.

Standard Nymphs patterns like hare’s ears, pheasant tails, copper johns, prince nymphs, utah killer bugs, tim’s candy crane, sparkle pupas, etc

Euro Nymphs- several perdigon jigs, duracell jigs, czech nymphs, vladi worms, quill body nymphs, cdc tag jigs, along with a selection of euro nymphing micro streamers.

Besides adding new patterns, I’ve dropped prices on nearly every fly in the store. Salt flies dropped from almost $10, to $4 or $6 respectively. Euro Nymphs dropped from $3 each to $2.50. With this new lower price strategy I don’t need to try and run sales or quantity discounts.

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House Fly Fishing

 You can also find some exclusive patterns of mine at this amazing new fly shop near Scranton, PA House Fly Fishing was founded by Sean Witman and his buddies and have gone out of their way to support local tyers such as myself- and I’m extremely grateful. You can find 3 of my fly patterns exclusively at the shop and on their online store RIGHT NOW and 3 more on the way next week. I’ll be dropping off almost 350 flies to that shop within a week Please, check them out if you are in the area. They have a unique fly shop, and are super fishy guys who will answer any question you have. The link for their shop is HERE

Podobed's Hot Butt Frenchie----- HERE
Podobed's Hot Butt CDC Frenchie----- HERE
Podobed's Vicuna Caddis Jig-----HERE

The International Fly Tying Symposium

For the first time ever, I'll be tying at the annual fly tying symposium- and I'm excited. Please, stop by and say hello. After the last year and a half of near total isolation, it will be great to meet old friends again, as well as to meet some of you for the first time. If you’ve never been this is one of my favorite shows- and the who’s who of fly tying and fly fishing will be there- people like Bob Popovics, Marc Petitjean, Devin Olsen, Tim Flagler……even Tim Camisia will be there lol.

To purchase your tickets or sign up for fly tying classes, click HERE

That's all for now- thanks again!


P R I M E  F L Y  C O M P A N Y

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