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Meet the Prime Fly Company Team!

Hello everyone, 

If you are seeing this, I say thank you. One year ago, I closed my old business to embark on an adventure to better serve fly fishermen and fly tyers everywhere. I wanted to offer a better variety of flies, tying materials, and fly fishing gear. It hasn't been the easiest road being unemployed for a year and pouring cash into the business. Nearly getting sued didn't help- but I'm here now. 

My name is Daniel Podobed III and I am the owner of Prime Fly Company, and the primary fly tyer for the business. If you would like custom flies for your shop or guide business, email me because I offer wholesale discounts for that. If you want flies not seen on this site at that time, email me as well and I can tie whatever fly you like, however you like it. 

I learned last time, that orders can back up quickly in the busy seasons. At the pinnacle in 2017 I was backed up 8 weeks, which actually turned into 10....that is not the way I want to go this time around. So, I'm offering in stock ready to ship flies, as well as tying bulk orders. In addition, I've partnered with a select few fly tyers from around the region where necessary to offer you an expanded selection, and to help relieve the load. 

At this time, David Corleone Hanni is helping as a tyer providing his unique european nymphs. He has his foot into the competition scene, and is one of the guys really modernizing the old school euro nymphs. His Walt's Worm variations definitely won't be found in every anglers fly box, and that's a good thing for you!

"It all start for me after spring night in 2012 . I was picking worms in the pouring rain for 2 hrs came in soaking wet and said “ there’s got to be another way “ . I sat down and typed in fly fishing into YouTube and the rest was history . By the following year I had a vise and was spinning out flies . My first lesson came from a local tier Jessica Lettich on my kitchen table . From there my passion for tying become my obsession . From the beginning I always follows Daniels work from Prime Fly . So when he reached out to me to be a tyer for him it was an honor. Over the years I’ve figured out that my main focus was consistency . Being able to tie 12 flies and not being able to know in what order I tied them . Everything the same all the way down to the thread wraps . Over the last 6 years fly fishing and tying has become my life . 24/7/365 . Eat sleep fish . When I’m not on the vise or in the creek I’m serving the great people of the Lehigh valley at Chick-fil-a lower nazareth or I’m enjoying time with my amazing kids Mackenzie(12)and Madison(8)."

Here are a few examples of his attention to detail and quality. 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know the team as we are right now. Over the next few weeks I'll be adding numerous product lines, and products and flies I still haven't put up yet. I have Pacchiarian Tails from Italy on the way, Hareline and Flymen Fishing, and more! 

I'll be adding additional tyers as the need arises, so we can meet all of your demands. I want Prime Fly Co to be the one stop online fly shop for custom tied, USA flies, whether you are heading to the trout stream, or are going on a destination trip of a lifetime. 

Thank you

Daniel Podobed III
Owner- Prime Fly Company

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