Forgotten Flies: 12 Flies Every Modern Angler Should Know
In this series of articles I will be showcasing one dozen fly patterns that you won't see posted by some influencer wannabe in your social media feed. New isn't always better. Sure, you could doom scroll Youtube looking at variation after variation of the same 3 hot fly patterns. I get it, the thumbnails look great. You can fish the same 3 tinsel body, anorexic, big beaded monsters and catch trout. Because trout are dumb, and don't have hands so they put everything in their mouth. Pretty soon the new hot euro nymph is going to be a bead glued to a hook shank. No thread. No tinsel. Pure TACTICAL. Or, you can discover some flies with soul. Flies that will catch just as many fish or more than those void nymphs, but with a richness of life. These flies may take more time to tie, or use more materials than the others. That's ok. Don't panic- fly tying isn't about tying flies as fast as possible. Breathe. Slow down. Pour a drink- and get tucked in and have fun, and you'll be rewarded as we step back into time. 

The first fly we are going to discuss is Oliver Edward's Knotted Emerging Caddis. This will be posted on Friday, October 27th, and each article will be posted the proceeding Friday. 

I hope you're ready to take your fly tying game up a notch. 

Daniel Podobed III

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Oct 20, 2023

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